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The 8 Different Types of Facebook Ads: A Brief Guide

Facebook is a popular social media platform with nearly three billion active users. Your business can use this network’s advertisement features to earn leads and increase conversions. Abilene’s social media management and marketing professionals explain which types of Facebook ads you should run during your next pay-per-click campaign.

Understanding Facebook Ads

In 2007, Facebook launched its official ad program for large and small businesses. As user activity grew throughout the 2010s, Facebook ads became an essential selling tool for companies worldwide. Today, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits when using this feature, including:

  • Micro-targeting for niche buyer personas
  • Fast results from Facebook analytics
  • Access to one of the largest social media audiences in the world
  • A/B testing features for content
  • Filtering mechanics and negative keywords to restrict specific audiences from viewing your ads
  • Forecasting and performance checks on ads

What Types of Facebook Ads Benefit My Business?

Knowing which types of Facebook ads to use is vital for the success of your marketing campaign. Facebook offers three categories of advertisements:

1. Video Ads

Short-form content has overtaken the marketing industry since the late 2010s. Today, Facebook allows you to promote your products and services with short, relevant videos. Video ads are effective because they illustrate your products and services in use.

Typically, video ads under ten or fifteen seconds long perform best. However, you can pay Facebook more for a longer video slot with detailed instructional content.

2. Picture Ads

Image advertisements can also show your product in use. However, these ads generally serve as an online billboard with a definitive call to action. Picture ads are practical if you want to redirect users toward your product catalog or an individual listing. 

Avoid stuffing too much content into the image, so the viewer can find essential information quickly. You can use Facebook’s A/B testing features to experiment with different headlines, images, and captions to earn the best engagement.

3. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads serve as an interactive catalog for your products and services, visible through the Timeline feature of Facebook’s homepage. These types of Facebook ads allow you to remarket products to customers during their shopping experiences.

Dynamic ads incorporate user traffic data collected by your website to personalize the products according to each customer. 

In other words, the content of your ads remains the same for your entire targeted audience. However, Facebook prioritizes products for each visitor based on their interactions when browsing your other online resources.

What Ads Should I Use To Encourage User Engagement?

Facebook advertisements can significantly boost brand awareness and encourage users to view more of your blogs, landing pages, etc.

Here is a list of the most popular types of Facebook ads to improve user engagement:

4. Survey Ads

Poll and survey ads run at the bottom videos and images accessible to the public. These types of Facebook ads allow users to vote on content related to your product or service.

For example, suppose you own a candle shop and want to know which type of candles your target audience prefers during the holiday season. You could run a survey ad that simply asks:

“What is your favorite Christmas candle scent? Peppermint or nutmeg?”

Boosted posts give you access to a larger pool of respondents. Consequently, you can use the results to make accurate decisions about your inventory and accommodate buyers’ needs.

5. Slideshow Ads

You can run a slideshow ad if you want users to interact with your content and read it as a story. Facebook can place three to ten of your chosen images in a single file, allowing users to view them chronologically in a video carousel format.

Slideshow ads may appear similar to dynamic ads at a glance. However, you can choose which high-performing images to display and even add music to optimize the user experience.

6. DM Ads

Facebook Messenger is a separate chat tool linked to Facebook’s primary website. You can use this feature to speak to potential clients directly or provide customer support.

Facebook Messenger ads allow you to redirect visitors to your website, business applications, or Messenger profile when they click a button on your images or videos. This method saves them time during the buyer’s journey — guiding them to your online resources in just one or two clicks.

7. AR Ads

Augmented reality (AR) ads are becoming popular among many modern business owners. Snapchat popularized these ads in the early 2010s through dynamic filters and branded stickers. Today, Facebook also provides AR capabilities. 

Imagine you manage a graphic t-shirt printing company. Your target audience can view a 3D version of your designs or simulate them on their current shirt through the camera lens.

These types of Facebook ads promote convenience by allowing users to explore your inventory without visiting your physical store.

8. Collection Ads

Collection ads serve as a mini storefront for your online brand. These solutions include a large image or video featuring your product or service and several related items below. 

Using a collection ad is practical if you specialize in online sales and want to encourage users to check out products quickly. These portable modules also streamline the search and discovery experience for customers already interested in products like yours.

Collection ads are an effective way to finalize conversions and lead potential customers toward your company’s website. Detailed product descriptions and images provide essential information for your shoppers and prompt them to act quickly.

Maximize Your Business’s Online Visibility With Professional Social Media Experts

With so many types of Facebook ads, deciding which is right for your specific industry can be challenging. Social media engagement specialists can assess your marketing goals and help you determine the right solution for your target audience and budget. These experts are just a phone call away when you need to plan your next pay-per-click advertising campaign.

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