what is social media engagement

What Is Social Media Engagement and Why Does It Matter to Your Business

Nearly every business has at least one social media account in addition to its website. However, using that platform to reach and interact with your customers makes a major difference in how past, current, and potential clients perceive your business. If you’re asking, “What is social media engagement?” and wondering how you can boost yours, learn more about social media management and marketing in Abilene, TX, below.

Defining Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement measures how other platform users interact with your profiles. Different platforms measure engagement through actions, including:

  • Likes
  • Clicks
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Favorites
  • Retweets
  • Comments
  • Direct Messages (DMs)

Whenever another social media user performs one of these actions, they engage with your business profile.

Why Does Social Media Engagement Matter to My Business?

Engagement on social media provides many benefits over other forms of marketing. Not only does your presence on social media platforms cost nothing, but you’ll enjoy other bonuses like:

1. Reaching More People

Statistical data from 2023 shows that over 302 million Americans use social media. Some platforms attract particular segments of the population, but most adults and many teenagers or children have at least one social media account. That means that when you set up your business’s social media profile, you create an easy way to reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of users with the click of a button.

2. Establishing Trust

Social media users trust a brand more when they can find it on one of their favorite platforms. They can follow your profile, see your posts, and keep up with changes, trends, and new information. The more social media profiles you manage, the more likely your brand will appear as a reliable source for whatever industry you work in.

3. Building Relationships

Many users looking for a brand on social media want to reach out to them with compliments, questions, or complaints. Using your profile to respond to user messages lets you build a relationship with them, creating a stable base for improving customer relations.

How Can I Engage More People on My Business’s Social Media?

If you’re asking, “What is social media engagement?” you may also want to know how you can increase engagement on your social media platforms. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

1. Interact with Visitors

Much like using messages to build relationships with customers, responding to comments on your social media posts shows that you take an active role in your page. When a user expresses interest, excitement, or disappointment, taking a moment to answer them allows you to share more information or initiate direct contact.

You can also watch for notifications of mentions, which means that someone tagged your business’s profile in a comment or status update. Thank customers that recommend you and provide information for the person they’re recommending you to.

2. Post Regularly and with Purpose

Keeping your profile active on social media proves that you want to engage with users on each social platform. Post on a regular basis and ensure each post has a purpose behind it. Each post you put out should make it easy to attract likes, comments, and shares from your users.

Different post purposes that invite engagement include:

  • Asking an open-ended question
  • Inviting users to participate in a poll
  • Sharing new product or service features
  • Sharing accolades or articles about your business

3. Establish and Use a Brand Voice

While social media reaches users who vary in age, income, and lifestyle, you can reach your target audience by creating an established brand voice. Your brand voice should match your business and industry, so crafting the right one can take some consideration. Strike the right note for your business by choosing between the extremes of common brand voice characteristics, such as:

  • Formal or casual?
  • Serious or playful?
  • Straightforward or passionate?

Use your brand voice not only for your posts but for each interaction you have with other social media users. A great brand voice reinforces your business and its values, so make sure that how you engage with others online mimics how you would engage with them in person.

4. Time Your Posts with Care

Social media platforms help you track each post’s performance, making it easy for you to see when your users engage the most. Using this information, you can increase engagement by posting during the times you have the most active users. Some social media sites may show multiple activity spikes throughout the day that work well for platforms where multiple daily posts increase engagement.

Different social media channels work better when you post a certain amount of times per day. For example, you only want to post between three and seven times per week on Instagram, while on Twitter and LinkedIn, you should post nearly five times per day. Combine the daily post number with your users’ most active times to create highly engaging posts.

5. Use Platform Features to Reach More Eyes

Most social media platforms offer different features that you can take advantage of to increase your business’s social engagement. Videos have surpassed text and image post popularity on Facebook, while Instagram shows your posts more frequently when you use Instagram Stories. On Twitter, hashtags make the difference between a lost tweet and one that grabs attention.

Using the different features of each social media platform increases your social media engagement and invites new users to interact with and follow your profile. The more you use social media features, the better your profile will perform overall.

Build Your Social Media Engagement and Increase Your Online Presence With Abilene’s Social Media Expert

When business owners ask, “What is social media engagement,” it’s often because they’ve noticed that their social media profiles don’t receive the same attention as a competitor’s. Building, managing, and increasing social media engagement helps you reach more eyes and create relationships with potential customers, making it a crucial part of your organic marketing.

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